oh, my life.

stories from the trunk. no, really.

no end and no beginning


Dougie. 21 (6/1/88). Living in Burleson, TX. Class of 2012 at the Art Institute of Dallas, majoring in Graphic Design. I have five tattoos and six piercings, and I'm kind of a nut, but in the best way possible!

Justin Timberlake. P!nk. Melanie B. Supernatural. Fall Out Boy. Kelly Clarkson. The Office. Christina Aguilera. David Cook. Hey Monday. Madonna. Kat Von D. Harry Potter. One Tree Hill.


Justin Timberlake. P!nk. Fall Out Boy. Kelly Clarkson. Christina Aguilera. Madonna. Hey Monday. Carrie Underwood. Cobra Starship. All Time Low. David Cook. Rihanna. Sugababes. Girls Aloud. Britney Spears. Blake Lewis. Darren Hayes. Ryan Cabrera. Electrik Red. Melanie B. Scissor Sisters. Fergie. Sara Evans. Nicole Atkins. Panic at the Disco. Leona Lewis. Kanye West. Heart. Nelly Furtado. The Killers. My Chemical Romance.

Edward Scissorhands. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Beetlejuice. Mrs. Doubtfire. RENT. Rear Window. Hairspray (2007). Alpha Dog. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The Illusionist. The Prestige. Cruel Intentions. Dick Tracy. Cursed. The Cell. Prozac Nation. Grindhouse. Shrek Trilogy. Batman Begins. The Dark Knight. Pirates Trilogy. Moulin Rouge. House of Wax. The Addams Family. Black Snake Moan. Basic Instinct. A League of Their Own. The Corpse Bride. Pleasantville. Judd Apatow Films.

Supernatural. The Office. Weeds. One Tree Hill. How I Met Your Mother. True Blood. Dollhouse. Grey's Anatomy. Pushing Daisies. Ugly Betty. The Riches. Desperate Housewives. Nip/Tuck. Dexter. Friends. The O.C. Charmed. The King of Queens. Buffy. Tru Calling.

my life is amazing:

who knew?